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Making Waves: A Dive into our Fiberglass Swimming Pool Installation Process

Once you've selected the fiberglass

pool of your dreams, our installation process springs into action. Are you wondering what it entails?

Join us as we walk you through our seven-step journey, starting from excavation to swimming in your very own fiberglass swimming pool!

Fiberglass Pool Installation Process

Step 1: Fiberglass Pool Excavation

For accuracy, a design template in the exact size and shape of the pool you purchased will be used to layout the placement of your fiberglass in-ground pool. A dig print is used for the excavation that is specific to your pool’s design and shape. The hole is dug meticulously to avoid the need for back-fill and compacted to prevent unwanted settling.

Step 2: Pool Installation Delivery

Your fiberglass pool arrives at your home on a truck-trailer. Professionals will offload your pool from the trailer and lower it into place in the excavated hole after a compacted bed of gravel is prepared. Guide stakes, string lines, and laser levels will ensure accurate placement and leveling during the in-ground pool installation.

Step 3: Fiberglass Pool Leveling

After placing the pool on the gravel bed (the floor of the pool), the swimming pool installer will inspect it to ensure that there are no voids or humps that were formed during the placement. Water is then added to the pool simultaneously along with backfill. Continuous checking of the levelness of the pool is critical.

Step 4: Fiberglass Pool Plumbing

While water and backfill is being done, the installer will connect the plumbing from the pool to the equipment pad location.

Step 5: Fiberglass Pool Deck Preparation

After water and back-fill have been completed, gravel is prepped for the surrounding pool deck. Typical decking includes concrete or pavers. Final leveling and shape adjustments and bonding are done at this stage.

Step 6: Fiberglass Pool Coping

At this point the concrete decking, pavers or combination of the two are installed around the pool. The installer also will integrate accessories and features such as handrails, ladders, water sheers and deck jets.

Step 7: Time to Enjoy!

We can help continue your dream landscaping beyond swimming pools with our talent Hardscape Crew. Canopies, Outdoor Kitchens, Fire and Water features, Landscape Lighting, you name it, we can build it!


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